Construction, Consulting & Contract Services

Construction, Consulting & Contract Services

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Intrepid General Limited has operated as a General Contractor, Construction/Project Manager, and EPC/Design-Builder for over four decades, providing a single source of responsibility for our clients. These decades of experience ensure that we can help our clients to make informed decisions and minimize project risk. We are experienced and comfortable working under a variety of contract delivery methods, ranging from stipulated price sum to design-build arrangements.

EPC/Design-Build: Intrepid General Limited can provide turnkey Engineer/Procure/Construct solutions for many projects, or “Design-Build” solutions as they are commonly called. We can work under the terms of stipulated price contracts, management arrangements, or cost plus contracts. Intrepid is regularly engaged to provide this service wherein an Owner knows the basic outline of their needs, but requires it to be integrated against various constraints. This may range from a design-build of an office space to implementation of large industrial processes within an existing facility.

Cost and Feasibility Consulting: Our decades of construction experience can be leveraged to rapidly provide baseline budgetary, scheduling and feasibility information for a variety of projects. As well, we are often engaged to brainstorm with client and consultant partners to determine the constructibility of projects.

Construction and Project Management: Intrepid can provide the administration and infrastructure to properly manage all types of construction projects, including site supervision, and support infrastructure for all values of projects – large and small. Typically, these projects can range from small commercial projects, to complex and technical industrial and institutional projects.

Leaseback and Development: For certain clients, Intrepid can enter into Leaseback agreements or undertake developments of various types.